Signature Leadership Initiatives

Community Grand Rounds

I am the founder of Community Grand Rounds (CGR),  which was launched in 2018, to educate medical practitioners and the communities they serve on the health impact of structural racism.  The aim of CGR is to activate clinicians and the communities they serve to address the ways structural racism impacts health. 

The goal of CGR has been to move a health care system into a leadership role in the racial equity/health equity space. This story holds much significance, provides important lessons learned and highlights a path forward in the context of the current climate of extreme polarization around issues of racial equity and justice.

The CGR methodology aims to drive behavioral, narrative, and cognitive shifts in participants through a simple but effective combination of education and awareness building that prompts community action. The primary vehicles for the desired behavioral, narrative, and cognitive shifts includes presentations by national thought leaders in the racial and health equity space, and the formation of “Brave Talks”. Which are formally structured “living room conversations” where community members are able to unpack and further process lessons learned in the presentations, as well as new ideas and information gleaned from other materials related to anti-racism, structural racism, and health equity. 

Brave Talks

What are Brave Talks? 

Brave Talks is an informal, facilitated gathering of a small group of community members, where conversations about the impact of structural racism on communities of color take place. 

Brave Talks began as a series of follow-up conversations about the ideas presented in the CGR Speaker Series. CGR leaders brainstormed ways to formalize these conversations and turn them into spaces where Benton Harbor and St. Joseph community members can come together to discuss the impact of racism on health, and to develop and deepen their understanding of structural racism. 

Brave Talks is a six-session conversation where a group of eight to ten people gather together to talk about the ways in which institutional policies and practices can contribute to adverse health outcomes for communities of color and reflect on what each one of us can do to drive positive change. 

Talking about racism isn’t easy, but it is one of the most important things we can do to create an equitable environment for all. Brave Talks is a space to share thoughts and impressions, bravely ask questions, be exposed to new ideas, learn, unlearn, and teach one another, without judgment.

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