Community Grand Rounds Speaker Series


Arline Geronimus Sc.D

Race and Algorithms

Race and Algorithms

Kidney Disease Researcher Reveals How Race is Literally Factored into Medical Treatment ST. JOSEPH, Mich.—It turned out to be perfect timing. On the very day kidney disease researcher Dr. Nwamaka Eneanya was telling a Zoom audience how Black people...

Arline Geronimus on What We Can Do to Combat ‘Weathering’

Lynn Todman (left), executive director for population health at Spectrum Health Lakeland in St. Joseph, Mich., poses with University of Michigan public health professor Arline Geronimus. Todman is heading a project to help close the wide gap in health outcomes between...

Debby Irving

‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Privileged!’ 

How Some White People Respond to a Certain Term BENTON HARBOR, Mich.—The term “white privilege” is cropping up a lot recently. Racial justice educator Debby Irving said the term, inexact though it is, comes closest in her line of work to describe the different lives...
Community Grand Rounds has a mission to heal the trauma of racism through education and awareness. In this video Brandi Smith interviews racial justice educator and author Debby Irving about her book “Waking Up White,”  and Irving’s “biggest aha moment.”

Dr. Bechara Choucair

Schools, Businesses, the Environment

Lynn Todman, PhD, the executive director for population health of Spectrum Health Lakeland (left), asks questions of Dr. Bechara Choucair of Kaiser Permanente during his July 17 presentation.  3 ways Health Systems Can Make Communities Healthier By TED HARTZELL ...

Advancing Health? It’s About the Mind, Body, and Community


Dr. David Ansell

Closing ‘The Death Gap’

Closing ‘The Death Gap’

Dr. David Ansell likes to say he practiced internal medicine for decades along “one street” but in “two worlds.” The street is Ogden Avenue, which links Chicago neighborhoods of great wealth, and correspondingly long lifespans, with poor neighborhoods and far shorter lifespans. One world is predominantly white, the other predominantly black and brown.

Hospitals Have Many Tools for Making Communities Healthier

The slide on the screen in the auditorium shows a young black male. Dr. David Ansell says he is 16, lives on the West Side of Chicago and has only about a 50 percent chance of living to age 65.
Why is that? Ansell asks.

How Inequality Kills: Health Systems and Health Equity

Dr. David Williams

What Can We Do?

What Can We Do?

Harvard sociologist David Williams offered many ways people can fight back against institutional racism and implicit bias and make a healthier social environment for all people. His suggestions range from little daily acts to big reforms.

Race and Place: Eminent Sociologist Calls for Dismantling ‘The House That Racism Built’

In July 2018, noted Harvard sociologist Dr. David Williams addressed two audiences in SW Michigan on the topic of racism and health disparities as part of the Community Grand Round lecture series hosted by Lakeland Health and underwritten by the Todman Family Foundation.

Interview with David Williams, MPH, PhD: Structural Competency and Institutional Discrimination

Interview with David Williams, MPH, PhD: Discrimination and Health Disparities

Interview with David Williams, MPH, PhD: Social Influences on Health

Interview with David Williams, MPH, PhD: Recognizing and Preventing Implicit Bias

Dr. Pat Rush & Tasha Turner MA LLPC

Systemic Racism Adds Another Layer of Trauma for Many People; Therapist Calls it ‘A Public Health Crisis’

Systemic Racism Adds Another Layer of Trauma for Many People; Therapist Calls it ‘A Public Health Crisis’

As a program director, Turner, a psychotherapist, directs trauma-informed initiatives for Lakeland Health, the health care system that serves Berrien County in southwest Michigan. In that role Turner is looking at the lives of many tens of thousands of people. It is a county polarized by race and economic disparities—and big gaps in health outcomes between blacks and whites. The view from Turner’s Lakeland perch is necessarily disturbing.

What Racism Does to the Body

Medical Science Is Solving a Mystery for a Physician Who Wondered for Years What Was Happening to Her Patients

Interview with Patricia Rush, MD, MBA